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Ruamkun Media : Media Management Hub for your Business.

1. Consumer & Customer Insight Analysis

We support consumer and customer analysis of your business in a data-driven format, allowing your business to identify your target audience, to know who the consumer/shoppers/clients are, what they think and what kind of their needs are, with in-depth analysis of your consumers/clients /competitors, using the modern and reliable marketing tools and technology for analyzing data so that you might know your customers and business competitors and use data to make decisions for marketing strategy planning and creative idea generation which is beneficial to conduct a campaign.

Consumer & Customer Insight Analysis Is Like A Target Pointer For Media Planning, Allowing You To Know The Issues Your Business Should Spend Money On Marketing Or The Use Of Media In Any Forms, Methods, And Channels To Achieve Your Business Goals.

Ruamkun Media will provide you insights from behavior in using of social media of people in all important aspects affecting your business performance as follows;
  • What demographic data is and who your consumers and clients are.
  • What your brand, products and services are mentioned on social media.
  • Know and compare competitors’ in-depth competitive analysis before, during and after conducting a campaign.
  • Know the attitude of consumers or societies regarding your products and services.
  • Summarize your post-campaign report.

2. Media Plan

We provide Consumer & Customer Insight Analysis data which is analyzed by using the modern and reliable marketing tools and technology for analyzing data so that we might know who our customers are, what their behaviors in consumption of products and services are,  when and what kind of their needs are, to plan a strategy for using digital media and online marketing by focusing on Audience Media Planning to reach and communicate with the target audience regarding wide accessibility of audience in brand awareness or specific accessibility of target group (Precision Marketing).

We plan the use of media for brands, products and services by focusing on brand advertising management in each platform within the budget specified by each brand, creating awareness communication and reaching target groups in various ways from insights and brand context for the interaction of target audience or some actions with the brand, for example, communication to encourage target groups to buy products and services, encouraging former customers to return to buy products again, and planning the use of media for Performance Campaign.

Digital Media Platform

Media plan

Mass Media

Mass Media is the use of advertising to widely disseminate information to various groups of consumers, place emphasis on being known, build brand image and credibility through offline or classic platform, such as radio, television, and billboard, etc.

Precision Media

Precision Media is the use of advertising to specifically disseminate information to reach consumers through any channels focusing on communicating directly with the target audience for efficiency enhancement of communication to the target groups to be more pleased through online platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and others .

3. Influencer / KOL /Youtuber

This is advertising through people who influence the thoughts and decisions of consumers to buy products and services. It is another advertising channel to increase awareness and reach the target audience, as well as increase sales because each Influencer / KOL / Youtuber can communicate the product details and services as they are sales representatives in Online Chanel.

We select and provide Influencer / KOL /Youtuber by using the modern and reliable tools and technology to collect insight of Influencer / KOL / Youtuber. We also allocate various functions for each brand to choose for shopping in line with the various needs of the brand in conjunction with the use of Data Analysis to select and recruit each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber.

We have a function for brands to recruit each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber which is more effective than considering the number of followers. However, we have categorized a function of Tier of Influencer / KOL /Youtuber or types of Influencer / KOL /Youtuber in detail, covering various main platforms to select and recruit Influencer / KOL /Youtuber to be in line with the specified campaign or marketing plan.

  • Platform: selecting and recruiting for each brand to choose Influencer / KOL /Youtuber in each channel by considering from the prominence of each Influencer / KOL / Youtuber in each channel. Using the same Influencer / KOL / Youtuber in every channel might waste the budget and have an unworthy performance. 
  • Cluster: selecting and recruiting for each brand to choose by categorizing Influencer / KOL /Youtuber such as Actor, Beauty&Fasion,Sport,Business,Healthy,Cooking,Entertainment. and more 40 categories.
  • Engagement: selecting and recruiting each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber by considering average each person’s Engagement/Post as required by the brand. 
  • Follower : selecting and recruiting from the number of followers.  Each brand can choose to specify the number of followers or the categories of Influencer / KOL /Youtuber that can be divided in accordance with number of followers as follows,
  1. Pico, number of followers : 0 – 1,000 persons
  2. Nano , number of followers :1,001 – 10,000 persons
  3. Micro , number of followers :10,001 – 50,000 persons
  4. Mid-Tier , number of followers :50,001 – 500,000 persons
  5. Macro , number of followers :500,001 – 1,000,000 persons
  6. Mega , number of followers :1,000,001 – 5,000,000 persons
  7. Elite , number of followers: more than 5,000,000 persons
  • Audience Age : selecting and recruiting for each brand to choose each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber in accordance with the span of age of followers.
  • Gender : selecting and recruiting for each brand to choose each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber in accordance with each person’s gender.
  • Audience Gender : selecting and recruiting for each brand to choose each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber in accordance with the followers’ gender.  
  • Language : selecting and recruiting for each brand to choose in accordance with the language skill each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber can type or use. 

In addition to the various functions of each Influencer / KOL /Youtuber that we provide for each brand to choose in accordance with each person’s need in each aspect, we also place an importance on the selection and recruitment of Influencer / KOL /Youtuber in accordance with the budget so that each brand can plan their advertising through Influencer / KOL /Youtuber worthily and effectively.

4. Event Media & Organize

This is a marketing promotion by communicating with consumers or target groups through activities for them to have a direct experience with each brand and its products and services. It can also be linked to respond on marketing and sales activities, such as increasing sales, self-creation to be well-known, creating a brand image, data collection of consumer, creating positive interactions and building brand loyalty, etc.

We have a team that is experienced and expert in organizing events for brands, agencies, and organizations such as press conference, activities for creating a brand image, product and service launch, tourism and sports events, events for supporting and promoting education and other aspects. Our activities focus on being able to reach the target group of customers under the management in accordance with the budget the customers have set.